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Find the Best Online Personal Trainer for You

Trying to find a certified personal trainers online? Think about hiring a personal trainer as you would with getting into a committed relationship, and don’t rush things! “Take your time looking for that trainer, this is a relationship, Geoff Wintonyk, lead trainer and PT at Fit Factory Fitness. “You want to be motivated and empowered by this person, but [you also want to feel] confident and be yourself. Working out should be challenging, but also fun, so a trainer with a great personality is a go-to.”

So, think of the hiring process a bit like a courtship. Ask those tough questions. Picture yourself in the long term. Imagine how you’ll respond to their personality at your worst (after a round of burpees). Think about the financial stuff. And know what you deserve from the relationship. Not to overwhelm you, of course, as it’s not as serious as getting married. It’s just an analogy to get you in the mindset of find a personal trainer that won’t be a waste of money.


First Online Fitness Consultation – It’s like a first date

Let yourself be impressed, and if you’re not, swipe left on the fitness app. And, like a first date, it’s on them. “The consultation and/or any initial meeting should be free,” says Wintonyk. The first meeting is a good time to get to know one another. For the trainer, you’d talk about goals, previous workout routines and nutrition. For the client, it’s a great time to see face to face what kind of personality the trainer has and to feel them out.”


Research Your Online Personal Trainer – Stalk their social media

Why wouldn’t you want to know what they look like? What they post on social media? How many followers they have? This stuff is important nowadays, says Wintonyk. “A trainer’s page should be open to the public and showcase what means the most to them and what they are passionate about.” It’s here where you’ll find out the kind of results you could get training style and personality, he adds.

All that said, know that a trainer should never post photos or information about you without your approval. And if they do, that, friends, is a deal breaker.


Interview Your Trainer – Really get to know them

Ask the tough questions. You can ask them about their personal training courses and if they got their personal training certification in Canada. Ask them about past and current client relationships. And even with online training, location is key. Find out where they are based. Live in T.O.? Opt for an online personal trainer based in Toronto. That way you can take your relationship (ahem, training) off-line. Ask away about personality too. Don’t be shy.

“If someone is looking for a personal trainer, someone they may end up seeing quite a lot on a weekly, monthly and even yearly basis, will want to make sure that you have the right personality for them,” says Wintonyk. “I would never be insulted if someone just came out and blatantly asked. I think it’s crucial that there is a good vibe between client and trainer.” He adds that if any trainer is hesitant to answer any questions, that’s a red flag.

“They call it personal training for a reason – it should be as personable and as face to face as one can get.”


Good Customer Service – You deserve to be treated like royalty

What can you expect from your online personal training sessions? It’s the same with with an in-person trainer. “A personal trainer should always be professional, respectful, and punctual, says Wintonyk. “It is a paid service and an earned relationship; it’s our job to deliver.” If a trainer’s repeatedly late, cancels last minute, or doesn’t give the attention to form you need, it’s time to break up.

If you find your match, hold on to him or her. And if you don’t, keep searching – there are more fish in the sea.