Fitness for every lifestyle, every body. No matter where you are on your journey, the FITREP app has fitness options to get you started, and keep you moving. Book a trainer and your workout in just a few taps. 
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We provide 20-30 minute workout sessions before, during and after work hours, both in your office space, or at various spaces across the downtown core. Your team can squeeze in a 20 minute of guided meditation or sweat-free workout during their lunch break, leaving everyone rejuvenated and refreshed to take on their afternoon with renewed energy.

Improve health and vitality by providing workshops, group sessions and education on fitness and healthy lifestyle practices.

Facilitate team strengthening and bonding through shared growth and experiences.

Increase employee productivity and job satisfaction, while decreasing organizational costs associated with poor performance and absenteeism.


Sweat-free group fitness classes, so you can jump right back into your meetings without worry

Lunch and learn seminars on various healthy lifestyle topics

Chair-based stretching and massage, to assist with back, neck and shoulder issues related to desk-life

Guided meditation and stress-management techniques, to combat burnout

Sanding, chair-based and classic yoga for improved posture, circulation and energy

Team-building events and activities, because teams who sweat together, stay together!


For further details, please complete the form below, and your dedicated account manager will be in contact shortly to schedule a consultation, and provide you with flexible workplace fitness solutions.

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