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The Power of Habit

The power of neuronal change is limitless. Neurons can literally adapt to decisions that you are making right now and can change in response to what is going on around you.

What is a habit and how can you use it to better your workout routine?  Why is habit an exercise’s greatest tool?

What is Neuroplasticity?

Did you know that your brain is always changing? The more complicated name for this change is neuroplasticity. You can use this neuroplasticity to your advantage to get to the gym consistently. Neuroplasticity translates to the ability for the neurons in your brain to change. Your brain is made up of cells just like any other organ or muscle in your body.  The brain cell or neuron allows signals to come from your body, be processed, and be sent out again as you respond to an environmental stimulus. The power of neuronal change is limitless. Neurons can literally adapt to decisions that you are making right now and can change in response to what is going on around you. For example, if you repeatedly think about or do something, your neurons will form a stronger pathway and form a habit. Most of you know that this is the fundamental process behind addiction.  What many of you might not know is that this is also the case with forming habits.

Another example of a habit is if you found that writing down all of your daily tasks helps you get everything done. As you do this more often, your body will form a habit because your brain is used to firing off that pathway. Your brain realizes this, so if you write down everything as part of your routine for long enough, the connections in your brain will become strong and the habit will have more power. Some of the most successful people in the world have risen to the top because of their habits. Tony Robbins, motivational speaker and businessman, is the number one rated motivational speaker in the world because he has a series of patterns that allows him to be one of the most productive people on the planet. Tony Robbins is wired for success through habits.

Forming the habit

To form a good habit, you have to get through this “sacrifice period” and what you come out with on the other side is an increased ability to get to the gym when you previously wouldn’t have gone. Eventually, as you keep going to the gym, it will become extremely abnormal for you not to go to the gym.

The only things that can really break strong habits in exercise are severe injuries, which is why injury prevention is so crucial for professional athletes.

The habit will become part of you

As I said earlier, eventually a simple action done enough times can become a habit. For example, bodybuilders have advanced habits of exercise built into them that keep them motivated to get to the gym and make progress.

Herein lies the true power of habit.  If you are able to put in some time and get past the first few months of exercise, you can form a healthy habit. If this habit is maintained, it will lead you to a new level of fitness. Going to the gym can be extremely difficult.  You have kids. You have bills. You have a spouse. You are exhausted. These are all legitimate excuses but also remember that if you can get through your “sacrifice period” you will start to form a habit that will change your life.  There will always be excuses but that is why you have habits. Eventually when you have formed a habit to exercise every day, excuses will lose their power and you will be able to rely on your healthy habits..

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